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Benefits of Membership

Expand Your Network

• Opportunities to network with local area members involved leading today’s churches to exchange ideas and problem-solving techniques
• Detailed member directory that helps connect you with specific members who serve organizations in your area. 
• Events and educational programs that connect you with leaders and experts in church business administration


Save Money for Your Church

• Seminars, tools and information on managing church budgets
• Access to a variety of local suppliers and service providers to help you find the best rates


Develop Your Professional Skills

• Continuing education programs to build your professional credentials

Protect Your Church

• Educational materials and opportunities to keep you informed about today’s best methods in church resource management
• Access to a local directory of NACBA members and suppliers in church administration


Strengthen Your Church’s Staff

• Houston NACBA Job Center for recruiting and finding exceptional local staff members
• Seminars, tools and information on human resource management with tips on hiring, training and developing an effective staff at your church

Types of Membership

Active (voting) membership may be granted to those who are employed (paid) full-time or part-time on the staff of a Christian church and who serve congregations in church administration in an administrative capacity. This may include denominational members with like responsibilities who serve at other levels of their denominations such as Presbyteries, Synods, Conferences, Dioceses, et cetera; and active duty members of the United States Armed Forces who are assigned duties as Chapel Manager, Chaplain’s Assistant, or other Christian business administrative duties in their military service. 


Associate (voting) membership may be granted to those engaged in an activity closely related to Christian administration in a Christian institution/foundation or not-for-profit organization (501(c)(3)). They may not be persons who are engaged in any business or activity offering goods, services, or advice to religious bodies.

Active and Associate must adhere to the NACBA Code of Ethics.


Professional Colleague or Business (non-voting) membership may be granted to individuals or individuals who represent for-profit companies wishing to join NACBA for commercial purposes and who desire to join in the support of NACBA, its purposes, and its programs. This category includes those individuals, or individuals representing organizations, that provide consulting services to churches. This category is also available to those employed by an organization or institution not professing the Christian faith, but who wish to maintain a professional relationship to NACBA. 


**Professional Colleague or Business Members may also have the opportunity to speak directly to the attendees at a monthly chapter meeting by sponsoring a chapter meeting lunch or prize drawing. For more information on being a Business Member Sponsor, please click here.


Contributing Member (non-voting) shall be granted with approval of a majority of Chapter Active Members to individuals not meeting the qualifications for Active or Associate membership, who desire to join in the support of NACBA, its purpose, and its programs. This category of membership may be awarded to those individuals wishing to join NACBA for commercial purposes. Contributing members shall be ineligible to hold office, but shall be listed on the Chapter Roster and share in all other services and responsibilities of membership. 

Member Emeritus and Honorary Member conferred by the NACBA shall receive full recognition and due privileges upon written application (click here for application) and the approval of the Board of Directors. It is further understood that retirement means that the applicant is not engaged in any full time employment, Members Emeriti shall not be eligible to hold office. 

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