NACBA is the organization for you and your church. Membership offers valuable opportunities to leverage collective thought of a large, diverse group of church administrative leaders with a wide range of experiences and resources.


As an NACBA national member, you can


Expand Your Network


• Opportunities to network with more than 3,000 members involved leading today’s churches to exchange ideas and problem-solving techniques
• Detailed member directory that helps connect you with specific members who serve organizations in your area, denomination, size, etc. 
• NACBA’s Annual National Conference bringing together church administrative leaders across the nation
• Telewebs and other Web-based information sharing opportunities for members to communicate with each other
• Events and educational programs that connect you with leaders and experts in church business administration


Save Money for Your Church


• Seminars, tools and information on managing church budgets
• Access to hundreds of church administration resources
• Subscriptions to the NACBA Ledger with the latest tips on handling finances and cutting costs
• Access to a variety of suppliers and service providers to help you find the best rates


Develop Your Professional Skills


• Member rates for NACBA’s Annual National Conference and other programs with top-level speakers and topical workshops
• Valuable tools for career advancement, professional improvement and skill development
• Certification and continuing education programs to build your professional credentials
• Access to current and past issues of the NACBA Ledger, a quarterly journal covering issues affecting church administrative leaders


Protect Your Church


• Educational materials and opportunities to keep you informed about today’s best methods in church resource management
• Library of information regarding safety, insurance, risk identification and loss prevention for your church
• Discounts on telewebs, conferences, workshops and literature on the latest issues in church asset protection
• Access to a directory of NACBA members and suppliers in church administration


Strengthen Your Church’s Staff


• Access to the NACBA Job Center for recruiting and finding exceptional staff members
• Seminars, tools and information on human resource management with tips on hiring, training and developing an effective staff at your church
• Access to Prism®, a 360-degree feedback tool designed to give honest feedback to ministers from a full spectrum of the minister’s professional community 
• Data and information from and other salary/benefits resources


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